Mortgage brokers work with a variety of
clients interested in buying or refinancing
residential and commercial real estate
who potentially may not have access to
traditional finance sources. Either the loan
request does not fit a bank program or the
lendercapacity is pre-occupied with other
transactions. However, as a mortgage broker,
you always want to try to find a deal to
assist a client (and to earn a commission for
doing so!)

At PacFunding, we treat all of our clients
such as investment sales or mortgage
brokers/bankers as if they were one of our
own loan originators. Our reputation in
cooperating with other brokers is a mainstay
in developing business, more loans, and
developing a broader loan program so it can
be the broker’s hard money/bridge lender of

Many brokers find that some buyers and investors are unsure of whether or not pursuing hard money/bridge financing makes sense. When working with these clients, it is important to explain that equity-based hard money loans offer flexibility that traditional loans simply do not. At PacFunding, we encourage you to share how hard money loans to buy and hold property and loans to fix and flip property can benefit your clients.

We work with Brokers in one of two ways:
• A broker refers the client directly to PacFunding and we will work directly
   with the borrower,
• The broker originates the loan and remains the point person throughout the
   entire transaction

If you email PacFunding a loan scenario, including the pertinent information you have regarding the property and the borrower, we will respond in short order. You can email us at or fax the info to:
(858) 625-9243.
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