About The PacFunding Group
PacFunding provides equity based, business purpose, short term “Bridge” or “Hard Money” loans to Borrowers for purchases or refinances secured by real property.  PacFunding will underwrite, approve and close loans in-house in as little as 5 to 10 business days.  There are no outside approvals required.

PacFunding is an affiliated entity
of PacVentures, Inc., a San Diego,
California based commercial real
estate investment company special-
izing in the acquisition and development
of value-add opportunities. PacVentures’
extensive principal involvement and
experience of successfully investing over
$300 million in commercial and residen-
tial real estate over the last 20 years,
allows it to identify and decisively act on acquisition, leasing, development, and disposition opportunities.
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California Finance Lenders License #60DBO 45548
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